Agent X #13-15 (2003-2004): Series Ends

Gail Simone returns to end the series she created. This book never really seemed to figure out what it was about, so I’m not sorry to see it end.

Agent X confronts Black Swan and Deadpool, and during the conflict Black Swan relates X’s history. We the readers finally learn the truth about him: He’s not Deadpool (as I admit I had suspected). He’s a mercenary named Nijo who was killed by Black Swan and then brought back to life via a transfusion of Deadpool’s healing factor mixed with Black Swan’s telepathic powers.

Agent X and Deadpool team up to fight Black Swan, along with Taskmaster and Outlaw. So, basically, all the characters from this book return and gang up on Swan–killing him.

Nice Prince reference.

The series then closes with Alex and Wade fighting again, and the following pages promote the upcoming Cable and Deadpool book.

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