CAPTAIN AMERICA #265-266 (1982)

This two-parter is an example of everything that was right in the early ‘80s at Marvel. 

For example, a mugging and a “small world” coincidental meeting.

Full of action, a big-name co-star who adds more than just presence to the overall story, and a building enemy threat that culminates in a slam-bang battle.

Spider-Man is the guest star because he follows Steve to a secret SHIELD base.

Spider-Man (via his spider sense) notices something is “off” about freelance artist Steve Rogers, so he tails him and discovers a secret SHIELD base, where he meets Nick Fury, who tells Spidey that Rogers is, in fact, Captain America.  That’s a little causal with the secret identity, but it kind of makes sense: Fury would probably think that having a secret I.D. is a complete waste of time, seeing as how he works 24-7, so why wouldn’t he blow up Cap’s?


After that, they’re attacked and captured by a traitorous ex-SHIELD agent called The Sultan (for no apparent reason), who has a robot army. When they make their escape…

They realize they’re on a flying base.

Time for a falling-through-the-air fight.

This sequence is one of the many reasons I love Mike Zeck. He’s my favorite Cap artist of all time.

And a rescue.

Look at Fury’s cool shirt.

Lots of mindless fun action!

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