X-MEN #25-26 (1966)

Nice sound effects! Perfect for a butt-shot!

Cultural sensitivity and awareness was hardly a strong suit for any pop culture manufacturer in the 1960s, so it’s no surprise that Roy Thomas now turns to South America to produce villain El Tigre, who will return one more time to fight Ka-Zar.


And since they’re in the South American jungle, there’s a wild animal fight. But none of those are actually tigers.

Angel gets hurt and Cyclops, of course, blames himself. (And it kind of is his fault.)

But it’s not just a guilty conscience–he actually shot Angel!

Interesting to see a comic about friendly fire.

And, as usual, the best parts are the character moments. Jean Grey is going to college, and Warren, Scott and Xavier drive her to the steps for her first day.

Jean is pining for Scott. Calling him an enigma. But really? He’s just emotionally unavailable. Or, he’s playing that “I’m so tragic” card to get her interested. Women love a fixer-upper.

But no, he’s not playing. He’s got strong relationship aversion. And Warren just wants to get laid. And X, perhaps reading Angel’s thoughts, is worried about distracted driving.

Meanwhile, on the letters page…

Future Marvel artist Carlos Pacheco writes in!

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