AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #390-394 (1994): Shrieking

Peter is mad at Norman for being a bad dad.

He seems to be going a bit nuts.

MJ isn’t nuts, but she is an addict.

Her struggle against nicotine is an ongoing subplot that nobody really cares about.

Shriek is nuts and mad, too, and she’s being held in Ravenscroft Asylum.

She’s in there with the second Carrion. He’s in his human form, as Malcolm McBride, haunted by his memory of being a bad guy.

Why is it so many villains in the mid-90s seem to be another version of Venom? And why is everybody crazy?

Anyway, of course they escape, and Spider-Man fights them. While he’s doing that, Aunt May has a stroke.

Time for a tribute cover.

This makes Spider-Man go crazy and he beats the snot out of Carrion and Shriek.

This is all nothing new. Peter has gotten mad about stuff and beaten villains before. Firelord, Green Goblin, many others.

There’s some setup as a mysterious figure visits the grave of Gwen Stacy. I’m assuming that’s Ben Reilly, but it could be other Spider-Man clones for a while. Speaking of clones…This is the last individual post for Amazing Spider-Man for couple years. From here, the series rolls into the horrible Clone Saga which I’ve posted as a gonzo summary post here.

Editor Danny Fingeroth professes excitement over the Saga’s start. But he will lose his job as a result of it, and it will be a big contributor to the death of Marvel itself. (Don’t worry–like most comic book deaths, Marvel returns.)

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