GHOST RIDER #19-20 (1991-1992): 1st Suicide

Nice half-spread aplash page that’s part 1990’s classic action post, but also part characterization: Ghost Rider is interrogating someone, and using fear as a technique.  He’s looking for his foe Zodiak.

Meanwhile, a guy who is suicidal gets cursed by Mephisto into an invulnerable super-strong guy who can only die at the hands of Ghost Rider.  His code name: Suicide. Duh.

After a bunch of scenes of the man, now going by codename Suicide (he will reappear one time, in this same comic), trying to kill himself but learning he’s invulnerable, he tracks Ghost Rider down in the middle of a battle with Zodiak.

It basically turns the story into an “Oh My God They Killed Kenny” story where Kenny is constantly wishing to die.

We learn that Zodiak unmasked has a whole bunch of eyes, which for some reason makes him impervious to Ghost Rider’s penance stare (wouldn’t it make him MORE vulnerable?).

And in the end Suicide falls off a bridge but, of course, is not dead.

Not the best GR story so far–it should have been a one-off. Taking two issues to tell this is a little too long. But Mackie and Texiera are doing a very nice job with this series.

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