UNCANNY X-MEN #356-357 (1998): Original 5 reunite

The original five X-Men take some downtime at Cyclops’ cabin in Alaska. Overtly, Cyclops wants to check in on how we’ll they’re moving ahead with Xavier’s original vision for the team. Privately, he wants to see if they notice the changes in Jean’s behavior that seem to indicate that the Phoenix Force is returning.

While in Alaska, they fight off a “crow God” who is laying siege to Anchorage. Jean’s powers are interrupted by a disturbance on the “psi-plane,” which is a reference to the Psi-War story in X-Men #77-78.

Subplots: Wolverine takes Sauron to SHIELD for captivity. Rogue is learning about a new organization called Mutopia. There’s a brief lead-in to Deathbird and Bishop, who are still in space.

Fun little side-note: The artist instructions are left in on this panel from #357.

Another symptom of an editorial board that wasn’t inspired to care and was working too hard.

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