UNCANNY X-MEN #289-293 (1992): Mikhail and the Morlocks die

Bishop is clearly crushing on Storm. In these issues, she works out her stuff with Forge while getting to know Bishop better.
Wow. He depowered her and now he wants to marry her.

She says she needs time.

Bishop, meanwhile, is not good with the ladies and is sad that Forge is hanging around. So Mystique does some of her impressions to cheer him up.

It makes Storm mad.

Forge can’t wait very long for an answer. And Jean cockblocks him.

Wow. Why would she do that? Maybe…She has better taste in men and can see that Forge really just wants to possess Storm? I’m filling all that in. But I like it.

Forge leaves.

Really? She was going to say yes? Forge is kind of a dick.

The other characters get facetime, too. Bobby “Iceman” Drake goes to dinner with his parents and they get attacked for some reason I can’t understand.

Archangel is getting tired of being blue and Mystique tries to help him because she’s blue, too. She tells him to get used to it.

It just pisses him off and he flies away. I like this back-and-forth with Jean, though.

There’s about a dozen relationship-based plots going on at once, and about three-dozen characters across these issues.  We are officially in the time when this book is impossible to follow. 

At the end of #290, Callisto shows up at the mansion, all beaten up. It seems the Morlocks are running amok.

But no, they’re not crazy–they just have a new leader: Colossus’ newly discovered brother. He turns on the X-Men for protecting Callisto.

Don’t really understand his power set, either.

And he’s both leading and trying to kill all the Morlocks. Why? I really don’t care.

There are action sequences in the Morlocks’ tunnels–and even the Professor gets in on it.

He actually has a pretty large role.

The team are forced to kill some Morlocks in the fighting (and the fighting doesn’t make much sense–have I said that already?).

Mikhail appears to drown both himself and the ‘locks by flooding the sewers at the end of this story. He’s got some kind of power set (I don’t understand or care) and he’s become a leader to them (which is why they turned on Callisto).

Most of the Morlocks appear to be dead by the end.

It’s all just too much.  The books are unfocused, and it’s impossible to care about anyone because there’s just so many of them.

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