INCREDIBLE HULK #390-392 and X-FACTOR #76 (1992): War and Pieces

This is a fun issue.


Hulk walks softly in bunny slippers and carries a big ass gun.

The Pantheon sends Hulk into another country ruled by a despot to take down the government.

Rick Jones thinks it’s a bad idea. But of course Hulk does it anyway, because who listens to Rick Jones?

He blows shit up like he’s Arnold Schwarzenneger.

As it turns out, the United States–and SHIELD–is supporting the leader.

And so we get the big battle with the big guns. Check out the souped-up mandroids.

As part of their “we’re good guys now” role, X-Factor are sent in to stop Hulk.

Big fight.  It ends in a draw, but really Hulk won.

The story then moves to X-Factor #76.

Havok gets captured, and the team realizes Hulk was doing the right thing and continue the job he started..

And then back to Hulk, where he returns to help X-Factor finish the job.

So, nice crossover with Peter David’s two big Marvel titles. Art is by Dale Keown (Hulk) and Tom Raney (X-Factor). Peter David writes both.

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