WONDER MAN #13-15 (1992): Infinity War

It’s the Infinity War issues.  Lots of doppleganger fighting.

Wonder Man fights a lot, and loves it.

Somehow, I missed that Wonder Man’s powers are now tied to him being angry, so he spends most of the time trying to stay full of rage.  Not sure I like him being this similar to Hulk.

I am sure I don’t like his S and M outfit though. (It’s his doppleganger.)

Anyway, back to the fighting…

Besides that, there’s some nice stuff with his old crush, Wanda Maximoff…

Leading to a teary ending when she gets hurt…

Not much here.  The anger thing is changing the tone of a book that started strong as a muscles-and-jokes comic. I don’t know why so many writers had such difficulty writing characters in the ’90s. Everyone feels the same. The refreshing thing about this series, when it is good, is that it kind of pokes fun at all that. But these issues aren’t able to do that effectively since they tie-in to a massive event of mediocre quality.

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