THOR #14-19 (1999-2000)

Thor and Iron Man go to Asgard, which is in the process of being rebuilt. This allows for a “check in” on the status of the Norse city of the Gods, we’re reminded that Mjolnir has been misbehaving lately (as if it has a mind of its own), and then the heroes go back to Earth to fight Titania and the Absorbing Man.

During the fight, Mjolnir misbehaves yet again, Thor reverts to Jake Olson, has a heart attack, then gets arrested. Yeah, Jake is having a bad day.

All of this directly leads into the “big arc” about Thor’s hammer. Issue #17 is part of the “Eighth Day” event about Juggernaut, but aside from that overlap–which I’ll cover on my post on those ‘Eighth Day” stories (tagged below as an event, so you can easily reference it)–this is just one big story. The Enchanters, who are some Norse villains who appeared a long time ago in the Lee/Kirby days) are the ones screwing with Thor’s hammer, and one of them–Enrakt–can actually lift it.

Thor’s pals help find and vanquish the foes.

I’m not covering a lot of detail.

But don’t be puzzled by that. It’s just because the story doesn’t lead to anything in the future (The Enchanters are never seen again, I think), but it’s a solid Thor epic.

Good stuff.

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