UNCANNY X-MEN #297 (1993)

One issue of an X-title taking up a whole post? It must be a really important one. Or one where not much happens at all, between “big” stories.

It’s the latter, billed as an epilogue to X-Cutioner’s Song. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The cast of Uncanny X-Men has become ridiculously unwieldy, and it’s impossible to know where things happen anymore because events are spread across over a half-dozen books each month. So, a slower, “catch your breath” issue is welcome.

Beast and Angel monkey around a bit. Actually, it’s a really sweet character moment…

Rogue and Gambit seem to kinda start dating. 

Professor X can walk again.  But only until Stryfe’s technovirus wears off.  When it does, Jubilee–the newest X-Man–is there to help him get back to his chair.  But before that…

She teaches him to rollerblade!


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