KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #13-15 (1982)

This issue starts with a (kinda sexist) love spat between Ka-Zar and Shanna.  She wants him to marry her, and he’s being an aloof belligerent man.  So she’s guy crazy and he’s kind of a jerk.  So I guess it’s offensive to both male and female stereotypes.

Moving beyond that, Shanna ends up with another tribe of people, where a male falls for her and she loves the attention so much that she thinks maybe she wants to marry him, not Ka-Zar.  Because, again, she’s a woman.

Yeah.  We get her fingering around with a flower while the images of both men float before her.

Ka-Zar goes looking for her, finds her, there’s some conflict with the tribe, and eventually they both are alone, together again.

The story’s not terrible, it just doesn’t have a lot of depth to it.  It’s kinda nice to see a romance comic disguised as an adventure book.  And the art is very, very good.

A C for story, a B for art, so we meet somewhere in the middle.

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