X-Factor #16 (1987)

Let’s start with what appears to me to be an inside reference: In a Danger Room session, we see Rusty pull and break the Morlock Skids’ pearl necklace, which causes her to flash back to a similar incident from her childhood.

Pearls breaking and falling.  Art by David Mazzucchelli.  A traumatized child.  This is a Batman Year One reference, right?

The story focuses on Rusty, whose power is flame-based.  He enlists Masque, a Morlock who change other peoples’ appearances, to help him heal the burned face of a woman he injured years before he met X-Factor.

In the end, the woman is now a nun and she agrees to join the Morlocks—but not to heal her face, to convert them to Christianity.

Very interesting story.

Also, Skids gets greater control over her powers–and she and Rusty share a moment.

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