MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #86 (1982): Sandman; 1st Impossible Kids

It’s issues like this one that make it worth reading all the issues of Marvel Two-in-One.

You may recall that Spider-Man beat the hell out of Sandman and dispersed him in Amazing Spider-Man #218–with Hydroman. Well, we learn now that their particles retained sentience and have the ability to draw back together.

This forms a nice parallel for the second half of the story, which features Impossible Man’s ability to reproduce through, essentially, mitosis.

In the main story, with Sandman, there’s no fight. Just a conversation in a bar.  It’s basically a “history of Sandman” story, and I don’t remember there ever being such a villain-centric issue of a Marvel comic (excepting, of course, Super-Villain Team-Up), let alone a C-lister like Sandman.

A very cool, somewhat experimental and risky issue that might have felt like filler but actually did quite a bit for character development for everyone involved, and had lots of humor.

The Impossible Man story has Ben reading the little impossible kids his favorite kind of tale: A ghost story.

At the end, the entire group of Poppupians decide to go visit the Kree.

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  1. “Experimental and risky” are the concepts which the House of Ideas was built on. Marvel has gone so far over into “woke” now, that I fear the best days are irretrievably behind us. “B-” here, for me.


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