MOON KNIGHT #3-5 (1981)


These issues aren’t completely tied together, but I’m grouping them anyway.  The stories in these issues aren’t much to recap: Moon Knight takes down bad guys each issue.

In #3 it’s an art thief named Midnight Man, who will return a few times.  Doug Moench, writer of the book, makes an appearance–but you have to know what you are looking for. On the splash page, we see a Daily Bugle headline about a crime, and Moench is credited as the reporter. (Headlines were an oft-used motif for this series.)

Moon Knight stops someone from trying to kill the reporter.

That means Moench is the reporter, and the creator appears in this issue.

Some great combat.

Midnight Man seems to die at the end.

In #4 it’s the same criminal committee that him to take out hired Werewolf by Night in his early appearances. 

In #5 it’s some guys robbing a widow.

I do enjoy the tales, but they’re pretty simple. Not much to say about them. It’s really the art that’s amazing here.

Especially the design.  It’s neat.

And the splash page of #5 is terrific.


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