CAPTAIN AMERICA #105-107 (1968): 1st Dr Faustus

A SHIELD agent approaches Cap, and he takes the guy home to talk.

Exactly. Secret Identities don’t make a lot of sense.


He shows him some home movies. I know, I know, this looks like they’re about to get horny with each other. But the movies show Cap committing misdeeds.

Naturally, Cap wants to put an end to it. And when Cap finally catches the guy…

It’s himself!

The Chinese get their hands on SHIELD’s Life Model Decoy tech and build a Captain America LMD.  They use it to create propaganda movies showing Captain America killing people in cold blood. 

The enables a cameo by Chairman Mao.

From there, we get Living Laser, Batroc, Swordsman, and an earthquake-making weapon called The Seismo Bomb. This is the stuff that makes Captain America comics great.

I love seeing Swordsman get his ass kicked.

Of course, those three can’t build a Seismo Bomb.

Who is the genius behind it all?

It’s Steve Rogers’ shrink!

first appearance dr. faustus

Dr. Faustus–in his first appearance.

Cap beats him in this issue, but do not weep for Faustus. He will be back again and again.

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