NEW WARRIORS #15-17 (1991): 1st Left Hand

The Psionex mutates escape their Genetech prison, and the corporation calls The New Warriors for help reining them in.

Along the way, it turns out Genetech also had another person in custody…

Remember?  Because in New Warriors #1, Terrax was defeated at the Genetech site.

Big fight time. Guest-stars the FF show up to help with the Terrax problem…

Even Speedball gets a lick in.

When the New Warriors and the Fantastic Four aren’t enough, we get another guest star.

Surfer truly kicks Drax’s ass.

Also in these issues, a new character called Left Hand (which I think is actually a really cool name for this type of dude) is assembling a group of super-baddies that will ultimately form the group Folding Circle.

He’s got some kind of problem with the Chord Foundation.

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