Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #30-31 (1991-1992)

First of all, Mike Mignola does the cover.  Very, very nice.  Too bad the internal art looks like this:

What the hell is going on there?  I know he’s a cyborg, but is Deathlok’s left leg really supposed to be 20% longer than his right?

Nick Fury and Deathlok fight the evil Leviathan group, who want to duplicate the Infinity Formula coursing through Fury’s veins.

The punch line is that Nick Fury underwent a medical procedure that made him capable of processing the Infinity Forumla—a normal person would die if they took it—and nobody can duplicate that procedure anymore.  So, it takes the Formula out of play in the future.

There isn’t much here.  And I’m starting to wonder how the Marvel Universe survived up to now without Deathlok, who is now appearing in half-a-dozen books a month, going from appearing nowhere for over a decade.

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