AVENGERS #80-81 (1970): 1st Red Wolf

First appearance of The Red Wolf, one of the first Native American superheroes. Wyatt Wingfoot came earlier, in the pages of Fantastic Four #50, but he wasn’t really “super.”

It’s kind of annoying that every time we get a new hero it’s “The Coming Of…”

Red Wolf’s origin:

He was looking for Red Wolf…but it was inside him all the time!

He’s also got a cute puppy named lobo.

The Avengers get between Red Wolf and revenge.

But of course Comic Code appropriate justice is served in the end. By the end of this story, he stops being Red Wolf. So he’s around for two issues. This is oddly similar to Marvel’s next big Native American hero, Thunderbird, who died in his third comic book issue.


Scarlet Witch gets injured in the battle…

…And it looks like Vision is starting to catch feelings for her.

Meanwhile the team is still hunting the Zodiacs.


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