This is a simple enough story. Super Patriot/new Cap doesn’t even appear.

The Captain and his team of Nomad, Falcon, D-Man and Vagabond help round up some superhuman baddies after they escape from The Vault. Their escape was enabled (unintentionally) by Iron Man, when he broke into the prison to take back Guardsman’s armor as part of the Armor Wars–it directly follows Iron Man #228. So this is technically a crossover.

Cap is pretty ticked off at Iron Man, despite Tony having given him a new shield, and that anger will come to a head next issue.

And he takes his anger out on Mr. Hyde, who nearly killed Jarvis back in Avengers #277–and forced Captain America to watch the whole thing.

And the villains fight among themselves.

Perfect sound effect.

Nice human moments for Cap, good simmering of the Tony vs. Steve feud, a well-handled tie-in to Armor Wars, and the return of some great D-listers like Armadillo and Vibro, who are some of the villains Cap’s team rounds up.

All in all, a solid comic.

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