CAPTAIN MARVEL #22-25 (2001-2002): 1st Burstaar

This story is titled, “Dude, Where’s My Kree.”

Genis-Vell goes to the Kree Homeworld to see if Supreme Intelligence has a solution to Rick’s problem of having become an old man while trying to save Death from being killed. When he gets there, though, he finds only a race called the Ruul–and Ronan the Accuser is with them.

He explains that the Ruul are the next stage in Kree evolution, and that Genis must die because he’s “out of date.” They have a big fight, Captain Marvel loses, and he’s thrown into a jail cell with Una Rogg, where Genis speaks fluent exposition.

They’re held there until they can be turned into Ruul. But they escape, make their way to see Supreme Intelligence, and he tells them that he cannot de-age Rick Jones…But there is a radiant star in the Negative Zone whose powers can be stored by the Nega Bands and that will do the trick.

We also learn that despite not having hands the Kree Intelligence can pick his own nose.

They go to the Negative Zone, where the star in question is protected by Burstarr.

He’s the son of Blastaar, who dies in the battle with Genis Mar-Vell.

It turns out that the Kree Supreme Intelligence was wrong, though, and cannot undo the aging spell Rick is under. OK. That’s funny. I thought it would be a trick or some evil plot, but no, he was just wrong.

Meanwhile, Lorraine–who has been returned to life, seemingly also because of the brush with Death–gets murdered by a woman who says she is Rick Jones’ mom but is actually a stalker. Lots there. You should read it for yourself.

Also, there’s more on Marlo in the comic shop and guest appearances by several creators, including Fabian Nebraska.

This comic is funny. Genuinely funny.

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