We’re five issues into the main series, so it’s time for an origin story.

Narrated by Zemo, with many notable revisions and edits–all for the benefit of their newest member, Jolt.

Each chapter has different artists, but all are written with Kurt Busiek’s wonderful sense of continuity and humor, and his joy of the esoteric. Like the use of Angar the Screamer, with whom Songbird was partnered in her Screaming Mimi days.


We also see Beetle getting double-crossed by his own gang (and beaten by Daredevil) in a terrific story by Gene Colan, Zemo freeing Eric Josten from a hostile cosmic entity, a huge prison break from the Vault (always fun!), and a bit of a showdown between Songbird and Zemo about the need to keep all of their secrets away from Jolt.

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