CABLE #9-11 (1994): The Killing Field

Cable goes to Muir Island to talk to Rachel Summers about them being half-siblings and about their father, Cyclops, marrying Jean Grey who is also Cable’s mother (again, alternative timeline) and whose clone, Madelyne, is Rachel’s timeline.

Cable doesn’t want to go to the wedding because he’s older than his own father and has daddy issues. And Kitty basically tells him to grow the f#ck up. Which he should, really.

If all that isn’t confusing enough, later in this same story, he realizes Rachel Summers is Askani–a leader in his own timeline.

Confused? Good. Me, too.

Meanwhile, the Acolytes find Omega Red, who is dying and half-crazy from space death spores. They say they can help cure him if he can get the science equipment from Muir Island, which he does. After he beats up Cable and Moira and takes the stuff, the same Acolytes appear on Muir Island and offer to help the X-Men get the stuff back from Omega Red. Of course it’s a trap.

And so Cable finds himself against the army of Acolytes, including new recruits Skids and Colossus. After a big fight that goes nowhere, Cable throws some guilt at Colossus.

I’m dizzy.

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