MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL: Silver Surfer: Judgment Day (1988)

What’s cool about this comic is it consists entirely of full-page panels.

Not even spreads. Just one panel per page. Plot is a little confusing on a few points. The first one is a big one: Nova seems to be in love with Galactus, but it’s not clear if Mephisto put a spell on her to make her love him.

Surfer meets some witches at a warp.

He learns that Nova’s love for Galactus has her bringing him to populated planets. Surfer doesn’t like that but she won’t stop.

So he fights Nova. For some reason, Galactus de-powers both Surfer and Nova. Mephisto offers Silver Surfer his power back (Mephisto can bestow the power cosmic???) if Surfer agrees to give over his soul, Galactus comes to rescue Frankie Raye (why?), and eventually it all returns to status quo.

But Mephisto never gives up.

Tom DeFalco and artist John Buscema plotted this. Stan the Man wrote it. It’s confusing, but the art is good and Stan can write the crap out of Mephisto and Silver Surfer. They’re perfect for his style.

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