CAPTAIN AMERICA #201-203 and MARVEL TEAM-UP #52 (1976)

jack kirby monster

Where there is Kirby, there be monsters.  I have to say, the story of this multi-issue story is just…Nonsense.

Cap goes to another dimension to fight monsters who steal things from us, and then he brings back a few to Earth so Spider-Man and Cap fight them.  Spidey doesn’t even want to be a part of this.

And yet he still ends the tale with a typical self-indulgent, self-pitying monolog.

The monsters are summoned to Earth by a group called The Night People and Mark Gruenwald brings them back during his run (because of course Gruenwald would do that). I’m tagging them as a group, under protest, since they do return for at least one more post.

Well, at least the MTU crossover has Batroc…

…Even if he’s written comically

And Cap and Falc have a lovers’ spat.

Marvel was pretty famous for not printing negative letters, and even for “stacking” the letterpage with planted correspondence. But even they had to let in a comment about what a let-down Kirby’s return has been.

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