UNCANNY X-MEN #171 (1983): Rogue Joins

We start with a nice “tribute” cover.

Rogue joins the team. 

Obviously, given her connection to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and her history of mindwiping Carol Danvers, Rogue isn’t greeted with opening arms. 

Binary hits her so hard she literally circles the moon. I know that’s kind of dumb.

But it’s also cool.

Poor Carol. She gets raped by Marcus and the Avengers don’t have her back. Now she gets mindwiped by Rogue, and the X-Men don’t have her back. At least not at first. But in the end…

These days, the “reforming” of a villain is often handled in a cavalier fashion, without much nuance, but Claremont pilots Rogue’s character arc slowly and deliberately over the next year.

In the background, Belasco is doing stuff.

Oh…Wait. It’s just the Danger Room.

But Illyana is showing signs of some serious PTSD.

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  1. Yep, Rogue is just exactly what the X-Men need, all right- yet another god-level Claremont Chick who can single-handedly mop up the whole place with all of them! ( yawn )


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