Namor proposes to Sue for the first time. 

And I don’t know why she’d even consider leaving Reed.  He’s so popular!

And it’s not like he’s an asshole or anything…

And it’s not like he tries to “conquer” her or anything.

Reed’s not the only one who is famous, though.

They all are. So to make his bones, a wrestler named Golden Angel challenges Ben Grimm to a match.

Three decades later, Marvel would make Thing a professional wrestler in his 1980s solo book. Foreshadowing!

As for Sue, she can hide in plain sight. She’s being pursued by a deodorant salesman.

Truthfully, that would be a good product for her–the smell of her sweat could give away her location when she is invisible.

Back to Namor. He recruits a “hypno fish” to put Susan Storm under his spell.  The fish can also create an oxygen bubble to take Sue under water.

That’s one of the fun things about old Marvel–if they had a problem (“how do we get Sue to Atlantis?”) they’d just create some weird thing that solved the problem.

And so it’s off  to Atlantis and combat with Sub Mariner and more magical fish.

It turns out, Namor’s in the thrall of Puppet Master.

The hypnotism finally fails when Puppet Master orders Namor to kill Sue Storm but he can’t do it.

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