Super Soldiers #1-8 (1993)

This is a Marvel UK book. I don’t generally cover those, but this one prominently features USAgent, and guest stars some other 616 heroes, so I’m going to do one post on the whole series–just to acknowledge it. I guess this is canon? But the events are never referenced elsewhere, so maybe not.

The Super Soldiers were the result of a British version of the Captain America Super Solider program, basically, only it had a much cooler name: Project Invincible.

The best thing I can say about them is that they beat up USAgent a couple times. I hate that guy.

Here’s what the title page says they were all about:

And of course they were created in tubes.

It was cancelled with issue #8, right in the middle of a story arc, when Marvel shut down its UK publishing line. The cancellation was right in the middle of a new storyline, and just before they promised to bring Punisher in (presumably in an effort to boost sagging sales).

Here’s the final panel:

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