Spirits of Vengeance #19 (1994)

A fill-in writer/artist team brings back Dracula?  And it (a) doesn’t happen in Dr. Strange, who used the Montesi Formula to kill all vampires; (b) doesn’t happen in a comic with Blade or Morbius; and (c) doesn’t even happen in the main Ghost Rider comics? 

Anyway, as a result of the last snoozefest event, Danny Ketch is “dead” (or at least in some kind of hell dimension) and Johnny Blaze is literally tortured in his dreams by his connection with the Ghost Rider universe.

So it looks like maybe we’ll get a character-focused issue, which would be a nice pause between the constant fighting and event-ing that goes on with this book and its extended family. 

But no.  Instead, the vampire Varnae tries to bite Blaze, learns that his blood is literally made of hellfire now, and runs away. 

That’s it.

That’s right.  No Dracula.

So at least there’s that.

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