UNCANNY X-MEN #323-325 (1995): The X-Men return after Apocalypse

A whole bunch of Morlocks have been hanging out in a pocket dimension after being saved by Mikhail Rasputin, and now they call themselves Gene Nation and are at war with humanity. It’s kind of a mess. It also crosses over with Generation X but only kind of because the story never refers to any specific Gen-X issues–but a lot of the Gene Nation stuff develops there simultaneously. It almost feels like Marvel editorial doesn’t want us to be able to follow what the hell is going on.

The only important thing is that Storm has to kill Marrow.

But even that doesn’t matter because Marrow, it turns out, has multiple hearts and isn’t really dead.

I’m collectively tagging the Gene Nation gang. There’s just so many of them and they’re not interesting or developed as individuals.

Also: Wolverine is now feral. Cannonball joins the X-Men. Anti-mutant hate is on the rise again, and Graydon Creed is capitalizing on it.

Rogue and Iceman are driving around together, and Rogue is haunted by memories she absorbed from Gambit while Iceman is haunted by memories of being possessed by Emma Frost. And Gambit is haunted by Mister Sinister, who is tracking him from afar. Which really seems to be most of what Sinister does anyway: Look at people from a distance.

Again, it’s a mess. But there’s baseball at least.

There are over a half-dozen X-type books on the market right now, and it’s sad that Uncanny X-Men is pretty much the worst of the lot.

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