DAREDEVIL #2 (1964)

As great as these early DD issues are–and they are great–Stan Lee still had contrived elements like Electro putting Daredevil into a rocket and trying to shoot him off into space.

electros rocket trap daredevil 2

Not only is there reliance on physical stunts, but there’s also stunt-casting…

This issue starts with Thing breaking down the door to Foggy Nelson’s office, and then “welding” it to fix the damage. I’m quite sure Foggy’s door was not metal.

Anyway, you can’t blame Stan for putting in guest stars to try to sell this new hero. Thing is there at Foggy’s request.

He wants help finding Matt Murdock, who coincidentally went missing while Daredevil was fighting Electro. Since he’s there anyway, Thing asks Foggy if he can help with the FF’s long-standing feud with their landlord.

But there’s a lot of good stuff here, too. Like blind Daredevil riding a horse, making the the animal vault over two cars.

See?  Daredevil really was a lot like early Batman!

Daredevil and Electro’s fight ends in a theater, for no real reason.

This is a really, really dumb comic, but it’s dumb in the right ways.

Firsts: First time Electro appeared in a non-Spider-Man comic.

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