AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #283-288 (1986-1987): Gang War; 1st Mongoose

hobgoblin is flash thompson

The Hobgoblin is revealed to be Flash Thompson!  No!

Of course not. He’s Ned Leeds!


But Kingpin says, no, he’s Jason Macendale: Jack O’ Lantern.

So Spidey asks the question: How does he know Kingpin didn’t fake all this?

Good question, Spidey!  Because Kingpin is in fact lying!  But we won’t know that for many years, when Roger Stern is finally allowed to write the Hobgoblin ending the way he wanted to.  In the meantime, though, we still don’t get closure as there’s a new Hobgoblin in town by the end of this very arc.


And that Hobgoblin is actually Macendale.

This is also the “gang war” arc, which features Punisher.

Who is smart enough, when web-shot by Spider-Man, to escape by ripping off his own sleeve.

And speaking of clothing adjustments: Daredevil in a fat suit!

Of course that’s a dream. In reality, though, DD and Spider-Man’s secret identities fight.

Spider-Man is finally pushed to the brink and DD is afraid he’ll kill Kingpin.

With all this going on, it’s hard to believe issue #283 has Absorbing Man and Titania.

They’re appearance touches on the ongoing Avengers story where a new Masters of Evil is being recruited. As part of that storyline, we are introduced to a new villain: Mongoose…

…in a trenchcoat disguise, rejecting an invitation to join the new Masters of Evil.

Spider-Man is busy with all the gang war issues so when he comes across Titania having a temper tantrum, he tries to avoid it.

Yeah, there’s a lot crammed in here. Mary Jane recognizes that and tries to cheer Peter up.

That would work for me!


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