SILVER SABLE AND THE WILD PACK #1 (1992): 1st Doug Powell

I am all for a female title-character book. And since it’s the ’90s, I accept that that means she has to have a gun and be a mercenary.

Since this is an issue #1 and this book has an ensemble cast, we have to start by introducing all the team members. This is done with a game of capture the flag.

Followed by a massage.

Through the training session and the dialogue with her business manager, readers are told that Sable’s Wildpack is a bunch of generic soliders with Sandman, and only Sandman. No other mercs or named heroes.

Nevertheless, her Merc business is very successful, and they go on a rescue mission where Sable’s niece—and some other Symkaria citizens—are held hostage by Hydra.

Spider-Man assists. And in the end, Sable yells at Sandman and complains that it wasn’t a paid mission.

Not a bad set-up issue. Unlike most of the #1s debuting in 1992, this issue doesn’t introduce any new characters and doesn’t really change the foundations of familiar ones.

The only new hero/action character is Doug Powell, who is simply a Wild Pack member that will be featured throughout the book as a side character. (I don’t tag non-heroes, like business manager Dimitri, who is introduced in the “massage panel” above.”

Overall, this is a pretty standard get-to-know-you issue, fairly well done.

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