Punisher #35-40 (1990): Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw is back. He’s running a drug ring through local gangs.  Lots of chaos and bloody violence ensues.

Jigsaw is working a black arts priest, Sam Smith, who is in league with Belasco.

Together, Smith and Belasco resurrect Jigsaw–with an unmarred face. So there’s a supernatural element to this story

But by the end, Punisher returns the scars to Jigsaw’s face…

…When Punisher thrusts into it sharp sticks and brambles.  “Say hello to your old face,” he says.


Belasco likes Pun’s style.

It’s a little much, but it’s cool.

Another interesting part of the story involves Microchip’s relationship with Punisher.  We see Castle’s interior dialogue that he should be working alone rather than relying on someone’s help, and when he doesn’t get information he needs and confronts Microchip about it, Micro says he was building a video game based on Punisher’s missions.

Obviously, Frank’s displeased.  Even though he sure doesn’t know how to change his van into a plane.

I wish he didn’t use devices like that.


But he’s also a sensitive guy, reading a well-known self-help book and quoting Simon and Garfunkle in his inner dialog.

Yes, this is weird. It’s also a little refreshing. Punisher’s comics, overall, are well done–but they get to be very same-y across the issues.

Art: William Reinhold (#35, 38, 40), Mark Texeira (#36-37), Jack Slamm (#39)

This story arc was written up in Marvel Age. But it referred to Belasco as Mephisto, which makes me wonder whether the Marvel Age writers actually read the comics they wrote about…

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