CAPTAIN AMERICA #241 (1980): Punisher!

In Captain America #241, Mike Barr signs on.

He turns Steve Rogers into a cartoonist.

Much like Jack Kirby was a war veteran whose talents were used to sketch enemy camps on scouting missions.


He gets his first assignment–and it’s a bit tawdry.

While he’s working…

He hears a gunshot. Now, I mentioned Mike Barr is writing this. And if Barr–a major writer on DC’s Batman character–comes to Marvel to write a comic, who should be the guest star?

Why, Punisher of course–Marvel’s hardcore answer to Batman!

Of course, their morality clashes immediately…

Also, a Frank Miller cover never hurt anyone (see up top).

The gangbangers they fight are multiracial.

It’s not a great issue, but it’s not a terrible one.  A little bit of an island in a sea of lame issues.  I can’t wait until #247, when Roger Stern went from editing to writing the series, joined by a little-known artist named…John Byrne. It’s one of the best, shortest Captain America runs of all time.

Stick around, we’ll get there.

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