Mystique #1-6 (2003)

Professor X assembles a crew of mutant spies to protect the cause of mutants across the globe. One is Shortpack, who is the son of Fred Duncan–an FBI handler who worked with Xavier back in the Lee/Kirby days.

Guess why he is called Shortpack?

We also meet Steinbeck, an arms dealer with a breath of fire who kills one of Xavier’s agents in the first issue.

This leads Charles to recruit Mystique, via Forge, but when he finds her she has been captured by a foreign government. X dresses like Magneto and personally rescues her.

Nice! A little cosplay!

He then tasks her to destroy Russian Sentinel technology–and from there out it’s a solid spy story, with nice twists and turns. After she completes the mission, Professor X gives her the chance to continue to be his agent or face prison from any number of foreign governments that are looking for her.

She decides to keep working for him.

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