BLACK PANTHER #24-25 (2000)

Mostly, these issues are T’Challa healing after nearly dying when Killmonger took his Panther identity.

The overlapping story is this: Nakia, formerly one of Dora Milaje, was taken by Killmonger many issues ago–and now she re-emerges with a new identity.

As Malice, she still works with Killmonger but she’s also still in love with T’challa–and has a creepy way of showing it. T’Challa, no longer Black Panther and in a wheelchair, is able to avoid her assassination attempt–so she goes after Panther’s girlfriend Monica Lynne–but her former Dora Milaje colleagues are able to stop her.

She escapes in the end of the arc.

Issue #25 also has the obligatory Maximum Security tie-in, where aliens kill side character Nikki Adams, without much fanfare and Queen Divine Justice (Malice’s replacement on the Dora Milaje) gets screen time fighting Vibraxas.

At the end of issue #25, Storm arrives in Wakanda.

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