Captain Marvel #1-6 (2002): 1st Enropy, Epiphany; Eternity dies

A reboot of Captain Marvel by the same creators. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Fortunately, Peter David is the new-and-old boss and he’s fantastic.

This “new” Genis Vell is fully cosmically aware and is going crazy trying to stop everything bad–from random shootings to political suicide bombings to joining the Kree army for a war in deep space to abetting Punisher’s war on crime.

I would read many issues of Marvel Team Up if they involved Genis Vell and Punisher.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones is stranded in the Microverse trying to figure out how to get out and “save” Genis Vell (who appears to be going insane.

Issue #2 includes the first appearance of Entropy, one of Eternity’s children. Over the next several issues, we learn that Entropy and Epiphany are the reason for Genis Vell’s insanity. Entropy actually does the crazy making..

While Epiphany distracts Rick Jones in the Microverse…

…With ephanies!

The kids’ plan works. They push him over the edge and use Genis Vell to kill their father, Eternity. But before they can do that, Mar-Vell’s spirit tries to intervene, and Genis Vell destroys him.

This is a case of parallel storytelling–just as Genis kills his father, Entropy succeeds in killing Eternity, destroying everything in existence.

Entropy then realizes he’s made a big mistake and recreates the universe–and becomes the new Eternity.

How is that for the opening arc of a series?

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