Marvel Team-Up Annual #5 (1982)

Mark Gruenwald wrote and drew this Serpent Crown story. The Crown is being held at Project Pegasus, Quasar gets under its influence, and through him the Crown tries to reach out to other Serpent Crowns in alternate universes–and it also accesses the Cosmic Cube and the Egyptian God Set.

Wanda senses the evil while she’s on date night…

The Crown kidnaps the heroes via a human host, starting with Doctor Strange.

(Why does Spider-Man have trouble lifting a manhole cover?)

Strange offers the history/origin of the Crown. Remember Kull?

Eventually the Crown is successful in capturing all the heroes.

So lots going on here. It’s good for an annual.

I like that the Crown gets animated and eats Ben Grimm.

Final note: Mark Gruenwald DREW this. I had no idea he was a good artist!

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