X-MEN #5 (1964): 1st Asteroid M

Magneto returns!

Professor X is in a coma.

In this issue we learn that Magneto and his “first followers,” i.e., the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, are living on Asteroid M.

They have a cool place to live, but still bicker like children.

We also meet Jean Grey’s parents.  They’re big fans of Professor X, but last issue he was put into a coma, so he’s not able to meet with them.

When we last saw Professor X he was in a coma, so the team is leaderless for this adventure.

The X-Men go to Asteroid M, fight the evil mutants to blow it up, and find two new friends…

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t so evil after all.

After blowing up Asteroid M, the team go home, and it turns out Professor X was faking his coma all along.

It was their “final exam.”

Professor X really is a jerk.

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