UNCANNY X-MEN #401-402 (2002): Nuff Said; 1st X-Corps and Abyss

Funny idea: Banshee, the guy whose powers come from yelling, headlines the ‘Nuff Said issue of UXM.

Moira is believed dead, and Banshee is seen drinking at her gravesite.

Meanwhile, Madrox’s multiples kidnap the new Mastermind and try to take Mystique as well. We don’t know why. We also don’t know why Blob is wearing skinny jeans, but he, too, gets taken…

And we see that Banshee is behind it all when he beats up Blob.

The story is continued into the next issue, where we learn that Banshee is forming a new X-Corps–a group that will serve as a mutant police force to address illegal activity by mutants. Blob, Avalanche, Sunpyre, Radius, Mastermind, and Madrox have been recruited as members. There’s also a mutant called Surge on the team, but it’s really Mystique–infiltrating Banshee’s group.

They have their first mission, capturing mutants called Abyss and Fever Pitch.

In the end, we see that Banshee has Mastermind strapped to a machine where he is forcing her to use her powers to brainwash the captured mutants into joining X-Corps. So, Banshee’s gotten to be a bit evil since he resigned from running the Generation X school.

Meanwhile, Wolverine fights Stacy X for no real reason.

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