CAPTAIN MARVEL #0-1 (1999)

A lot of comics try to be funny. Some try very, very hard. And it’s obvious.

And then there’s Peter David, for whom actually funny comics seem to be effortless…

And best of all, he does it while telling a pretty damn good story. In this case, a pretty damn good story about a pretty damn useless character: Genis-Vell. And Rick Jones.

Yeah. Rick Jones is always useless. Unless his body is the host for Captain Marvel, which it was for the original Mar-Vell and now it is for Genis Vell.

The reboot of Captain Marvel began in Avengers Forever, then moved to a self-titled “issue #0” short story published by Wizard Magazine before becoming a full-blown monthly. We’re introduced to the “share a body” concept and reminded that other heroes have done the same thing.

Like Shazam. (He later adopts “O-Wha Tagoo Siam” as his battle cry.)

These early issues establish the character and have him fight an alien threat. They also show Moondragon investigating him.

Good set up. Fun read.

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