AVENGERS #25 (1966)

The Avengers go to Europe and meet Doctor Doom. Actually, there’s more to it than that.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver learn of an “aunt” in Latveria.  It’s a trap.

Meanwhile, Cap trains with ropes.

At first, Doom appears to be a nice dude.

But he’s in cahoots with Rama Tut.

We learn that Rama Tut may be a future self of Dr. Doom. 

It’s untrue, as we learn much later, but it’s one of Marvel history’s longest-running “red herrings.” Although Kang, who is really an alternate-universe Nathaniel Richards, was inspired enough by Doom to make a similar face mask.

As for Pietro and Wanda meeting their parents, it’s a trap. Doom lured the mutant siblings there.  They fight but lose.

Hawkeye and Cap go to help, and Hawkeye thinks Cap does too much speechifying.

He actually teases Cap about it three times in this one issue.

Hawkeye also mouths off to Dr. Doom, who isn’t having any of that.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four try to help but get cockblocked by the U.S. Government.

The Avengers eventually win. Of course, winning is not enough.

Cap is a worrier. He’s the “Cyclops” of this team.

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  1. In my time, several acquaintances and what-not have also accused me of being a “worrier”. I guess that puts me in good company. I am not a fan of either the Scarlet Witch, or the Black Widow’s “brunette” looks. Why can’t these screamingly ravishing young women realize that their own natural hair color, predetermined by Mother Nature Herself, is just fine, and requires no “improvement”-?? A grade of “D” is a little harsh for this issue. I would give it a “B-“!


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