MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #97 (1991): Reed and Norrin

Silver Surfer and Reed Richards help a group of aliens with a mass-evacuation before their sun goes supernova and boils them all.  If this is what Reed’s up to, I would think he’d be busy all the time.  Maybe he just wanted an excuse to try out his new Hyperwave Connector device, which lets him and Surfer talk across the void of space.

It’s a harmless little tale.  Surfer has his own comic and Reed is in the Fantastic Four, so there’s not really a need to spotlight them, but whatever.  And as you can see, President Bush appears.

Grade: C

The same issue has a “Bar With No Name” story titled, “Where Everybody Knows Your Alias.” Love that.

Tons of villains appear in it.  Of course, a huge fight breaks out.  And the punchline is that Impossible Man is behind the whole thing.  It’s bad.  Really bad. And I so wanted to like it.

Too bad.  I always hope for a good BWNN story.

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