MAGNETO #1-4 (1996-1997)

I do not like Magneto with long flowing hair flying like Angel. But that’s not Magneto. But nobody knows that. Including the creative team behind this atrocious miniseries. Because this Magneto, who has had his age reduced, will be retconned as a different dude–a clone.

“Joseph” doesn’t remember being Magneto, and he spends this issue trying to understand that he used to be a villain.

Everyone else (again, including the writers) believes he is Magneto. Only Joseph thinks he’s not.

The Acolytes, currently led by Exodus, split into two factions. One stays with Exodus. The other wants to follow the reborn Magneto.

The art is terrible. There are dozens of characters that nobody ever cared about, including the writers and artists responsible for them, and Magneto predictably ends the series in a new role as hero–rejecting his anti-homo sapien past.

Which, again, is not really his past.

Clones never lead to good Marvel comics. Prove me wrong.

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