Iron Fist #5-7 (1976): 1st Scimitar and Jeryn Hogarth

Iron Fist and Misty Knight have been trying to find Colleen Wing, who was kidnapped by Master Kahn.

Along the way, he fights Scimitar.

It’s a well-drawn fight, but the reason for the conflict isn’t completely clear, but we will learn that Master Kahn is behind all of this.

After that, he finds Colleen–but she’s under the spell of Angar the Screamer so they have to fight.  It’s beautifully drawn by John Byrne. 

Eventually, he uses his Chi-Powers (an ill-defined power set) to free her mind but in doing so he gives her all of his own memories.  Then, they go after Angar and Master Kahn. And Colleen gets a nice spotlight.

She’s a badass.

Colleen kills Angar. (No, he’s not really dead.)

Kahn tells Iron Fist that his father was destined to rule K’un Lun, and tells Danny he can help him get back to the mystic city and avenger is father’s death.  Danny says no thanks, but we’ll be returning to this storyline later in his character’s history. We’re also privy to a conversation between Lei Kung and Master Kahn that proves Kahn is actually working against Fist–which we already knew, of course.

More kung fu.

And we’re introduced to Jeryn Hogarth, counsel for The Rand Corporation.  This is where we learn Danny Rand is rich.

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