She-Hulk and Bi-Beast guest star in a very funny issue. 

Bi-Beast is hot for She-Hulk.

He escaped Stranger, who had him captive, with some “family jewels” that he needs to dispose of on Earth, but is distracted by She-Hulk’s beauty. It really doesn’t matter. It’s just hilarious and well worth seeking out to read for yourself.

Shulk’s book is about to be cancelled because it’s gotten terrible, and Peter David has a terrific wink at the fourth-wall breaking that started out in her comic being something new and cool and then got more played out than a recurring character in a ’90s SNL episode.

He also plays with the fact that Hulk’s been around for a third of a century, but comparatively much less time has passed in the actual comic.

Imagine how good She-Hulk’s book might have been if Peter David had taken over?

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