THOR #480-489 (1994-1995)

Last issue, Thor left Asgard to go help raise High Evolutionary’s latest group of god wannabees. But as soon as he returns to Wundagore, he decides to leave.

After leaving, he wanders around Earth for a bit, stopping by Avengers Mansion, having an adventure with the Lava Men (who are now allies witih Grotesk), and circles back to the High Evolutionary storyline. The “fake” Donald Blake storyline gets resolved (it doesn’t matter how), Sif returns to Earth, and it looks like we’re headed for a much-needed reset.

In #484, still working to help High Evolutionary and his new(est) Gods, the Godpack, Sif and Thor take a welcome break to fight War Machine, who is possessed by Loki. Then they fight Thing. Then Loki switches tactics and recruits Malekith and Kurse. Finally, High Evolutionary goes to outer space, Thor returns to Earth (rescued from hell by Hulk), This creative team is trying everything–using all the tools in Walt Simonson’s toolbox–to make us care about this way-too-long High Evolutionary storyline. And Odin sheds a single tear…

…Presumably because this comic book has gotten to be so, so boring.

Roy Thomas leaves the series after this arc, but don’t get too hopeful: Tom DeFalco will be taking over for him.

He also celebrates his 400th issue with #483.

Nothing about any of this makes sense.

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