GHOST RIDER #88-94 (1997-1998) and (2007): Series Ends

Ghost Rider beats up human traffickers in Chinatown, which brings Blackheart to sic a Chinese vengeance Goddess on him. Only he doesn’t. He’s amassing an army of supernatural characters so he can attack Ghost Rider all at once.

These are truly unreadable comics. This book couldn’t decide whether to be Son of Satan or Punisher and it’s not doing either very well.

Anyway, it ends with #93, which has some weddings with Ghost Riders and other spirits of vengeance or some crap. I just couldn’t read it. I think Danny is finally separated from his demon side.

In 2007, issue #94 came out and offered the same story as #93 with additional pages. Apparently, people wanted even more of this shit. If you want more, go here for a good article about it.

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