Cage #11-13 (1993): feat Iron Fist

Power Man and Iron Fist was never the best-selling comic for Marvel.  I mean, never.  But it remains beloved by fans (like me), and has always had a rabid following (also me).  So it’s extremely disappointing that the arc reuniting the duo is three issues with three different artists.

Issue #11 has a fairly dull story. Iron Fist arrives just at the end, and sees Cage “die” in a helicopter crash. But of course he’s not dead. He’s practically invulnerable. Fist should know better.

Then, there’s a star-studded funeral. And all those guys should know better.

He’s really been kidnapped by Bushmaster and taken to an island where he frees a bunch of other captives, including his father and brother (who we saw Hardcore kidnap a few issues ago).

Dakota North and Iron Fist track him down and no sooner are the pair reunited than they’re fighting, because Cage wants to kill Hardcore (so that his family will be safe from being further attacks) and Iron Fist says he won’t “allow” Cage to kill.

Of course they eventually stop fighting and save Cage’s family.

At the beginning of issue #13, the duo say goodbye to each other and Cage gets his own comic back with a fairly harmless and dull fight against some Tinkerer robots.

Too bad.  I would have liked them to stay as a duo.

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